BRIDGE I          

This program acts as the bridge between the young actor’s creative side and the technical demands of the Film and Television industry. It is designed to empower beginning actors to embrace their individuality in front of the camera. By using challenging scripts, movement and speech exercises, young artists will learn to use all their creative tools to express themselves honestly in a scene.


This is the intermediate class in the three part series for teens. Students will learn to use an actor’s process that will serve them for as long as they choose to follow this career path. Script analysis, actor choices, personalization and on-camera performance techniques round out this approach to the craft of acting.


This is the advanced class for teens. Using the process learned in BRIDGE II, students learn what to do from the time they first get the script to the moment the director says, “Cut!” This on camera scene study class will incorporate script analysis, personalization, and professional technique. The actor will work up a scene, fully rehearse it, and then shoot it in the Hollywood continuity style.


On-going professional scene study and audition technique for commercials, Film and Television. Pre-requisites: BRIDGE I, II and III and/or permission from instructor.

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