FOCUS I          

This program is designed to help the adult actor focus their abilities on realizing their acting potential. Beginners and experienced actors will deepen their understanding of the actor’s process and learn how to utilize a step-by-step system that will allow them to tackle any role with confidence. Through scene study and on-camera work, participants learn to act honestly and believably while meeting the technical demands of Film and Television.


This is the advanced class for adults. Using the process learned in FOCUS I, students learn what to do from the time they first get the script to the moment the director says, “Cut!” This on camera scene study class will incorporate script analysis, personalization, and professional technique. The actor will work up a scene, fully rehearse it, and then shoot it in the Hollywood continuity style.


This is the advanced scene study class for adults. Actors dig deeper into what makes a character live and breathe by creating their own scenes. They will deepen their process while discovering their unique voice as artists and working professionals.


On-going professional scene study and audition technique for commercials, Film and Television. Pre-requisites: FOCUS I, II and III and/or permission from instructor.

STUNT ACTOR          

This class is unique. It is designed to cater to the very specific acting needs of Stunt Performers, SAE’s and action-minded BG performers who want to increase their market potential by adding solid acting skills to their repertoire of abilities. Also for industry veterans who want to experiment with or transition to a career as an actor.

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