Classes are designed to help an actor realize their performance potential- but when the professional opportunities come knocking, it’s time to shift gears and focus your preparation time on getting the most out of your audition sides, making the best possible acting choices, building a strong character, crafting your audition and booking the job.

In the private coaching session you will work one-on-one with one of our highly trained and experienced coaches whose only responsibility is to help you give the best audition possible. All of our coaches are working actors in this market and have plenty of experience auditioning for the casting directors and shows you will be reading for.

We are available for Private Coaching sessions around the clock, call us in advance or at the last minute: we’ll do everything we can to get you ready for your big break!


Need to modify your accent for a role or audition? Need to sound like you’re a native Spanish, Russian, Arabic speaker? Need to sound like you’re from New York, the American South, the Mid-West or Boston? Or just need to sound not-Canadian? Our dialect/accent coaching sessions will help you find the most natural sounding speech pattern you’re capable of to suit the ethnic origin, education level, socio-economic status and geographical location of the character you’re working on.

All of our Voice and Speech coaches received training in the United States and are familiar with the particular speech needs of Canadian English speaking actors as well as speakers of foreign languages needing to adopt a Standard American English accent.


Have you ever been told to articulate more clearly, speak louder or to keep it down? How do you modify the use of your voice and still keep it natural, fluid and effortless? Our qualified instructors can work with you to improve your vocal quality, to gain more vocal flexibility, to make your voice deeper and more rich and to give you greater control of your vocal instrument.


Congratulations! You booked the job and you want to make sure you nail every moment of your on-screen performance. An on-set coach can help you maintain focus over the course of those long, boring days in your trailer and make sure you continue to do your best work in front of the camera. Let us worry about continuity and the technical stuff while you focus on your work and giving a brilliant performance.

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