“This class was Awesome! I’ve grown so much as an actor! You both teach with lots of passion and determination. You rock! Best school ever!”
- Anonymous (FOCUS program)

“First and foremost, I want to thank you both for being such amazing instructors during the Focus 1 class. It was truly a very enriching experience. I don't have enough words to thank you both for your exemplary dedication. I am glad that I took the class. I would love to polish my skills further under your expert … Once again thanks a lot for your help and I look forward to learning more from you.”
- Vijay Saini (Actor, Radio Host, FOCUS program)

“My expectations for the Focus I acting class where blown out of the water! What Patrick said would be a class for stunt actors is so much more. Of course you get out of something what you put into it, but Patrick and Kyra have such a great way of communicating and bringing things out of you that you never knew you had. The techniques that they teach and their analysis skills are so helpful and amazing. A couple of great positive motivators, they are enthusiastic and it's infectious! I found this class so helpful and rewarding. Thanks to both of you,”
- Lauro Chartrand (Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman, Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, FOCUS program)

“I just wanted to thank you guys for putting on a great class! I really enjoyed it and hope to continue. This class re-ignited my passion for acting and I loved coming to class each time because the environment you created was so positive. Keep up the great work. All the best!”
- Hayden Johnston (FOCUS program)

“I can feel myself improving, and I feel that your classes are really helping me discover things about not just acting but myself that I didn't know. Thank you.”
- Maja-Stace Smith (FOCUS program)

“I felt like I was making so much progress. You two are amazing. Such great teachers.”
- Lauren Gibson (FOCUS program)

“I’ve never enjoyed going to a class as much as this one. You both make it so easy for me to be myself and just let go. You can tell you both really love what you do and that makes everyone’s experience so enjoyable. I like how you push us knowing exactly what each of us needs individually. I am so excited to continue to the next to the next level.”
- Jocelyn Clarke (FOCUS program)

“The instruction does not come from a place of ego, but of genuine encouragement. Patrick and Kyra allow and encourage experimentation…It got me out of my head and into the moment. Thank you for honestly caring.”
- Kelly Fennig (FOCUS program)

“In all honesty, your class was, BY FAR, the most successful at giving life, and bringing out the true potential of acting for me. Your methods, from warm ups, to improv games (which I loved!!) to giving a step by step easy to follow system, was the most effective way to learn how to make acting the most natural and believable. I can’t do justice with words to explain just how great you communicate and explain things. I will give the highest recommendation to all those lost actors out there, who need guidance, and a fresh look at what their goals should be, and the way to go about achieving their goals. Thanks for everything Patrick and Kyra. You are the best!!”
- Rob Hayley (FOCUS program)

“What can I say? You guys rock!! I loved you guys! The amount I learned was incredible, your knowledge and techniques about acting was so helpful. I feel very pleased and satisfied about my experiences with you both. When does Focus II start?!”
- Deirdre (FOCUS program)

“It transformed my life. Thank you! The most rewarding experience of my life! It was as if the camera wasn’t even there!”
- Carrie Copeland (FOCUS program)

“You guys are the best you make everyone a better actor or actress. So good, every one of us can win an Oscar or a Juno or just a favorite actor or actress of everyone. And you always make it fun. Don't worry; I will come into almost all of the sessions that I can sign up for because I love it so much and that is all because of you and because you are doing such a great job of teaching the class. You are awesome and so is the class!”
- Olivia Jonas (DISCOVERY program)

“I contacted ACT Vancouver, after my 8yr old daughter was called for her first movie audition. It was so amazing to see how much Corale got from one session! Kyra provided very specific instruction and guidance in a supportive way, that at the same time was a lot of fun for my daughter. The audition went great and she is now more confident and ready for her next one - Thanks ACT Vancouver!"
- Alejandra Knowles: Corale’s Mom (PLAYGROUND program)

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